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Paper IBC, A Green Packaging Solution for Bulk Liquid Transport

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As environmental issues gradually rise to the global agenda, the traditional packaging industry is facing a huge challenge. Sustainable packaging has become a development issue for enterprises. At the same time, choosing green packaging has also become a common demand of customers; in addition, in the context of the rise in global shipping, customers need to choose more economical packaging products. If you are troubled by these two problems, LAF Paper IBC is a good choice. As a medium-sized package, it provides you with more economical and environmentally friendly packaging option.

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Paper IBC is a special package for non-dangerous liquid cargo, and it is easy for assembling and folding. Paper IBC can save valuable space when being stored or shipped, which is more economical than drum, plastic or metal IBC. Paper IBC can reduce 80% storage space than rigid IBC and significantly reduce the freight cost. Paper IBC is a one-way package, there are no expenses associated with cleaning or return shipping. It is constructed of renewable material, and it’s recyclable and biodegradable.

Paper IBC889

Paper IBC888


Paper IBC contains two main components: 

one is a heavy and strong outer box, which is made of 10 layers corrugated paper, and it can bear liquid compression force up to 1000L; another part is a cassette with a preinstalled liner inside, and this design allows to unfold liner easily inside the box.


LAF Paper IBC has passed the stringent vibration test under vibration 142,000 times at a frequency of 1.5-5 HZ. After the test, our Paper IBC doesn’t deform, the liner inside container is not damaged, and there is no leakage. LAF Paper IBC can secure cargo safety during transport.

Currently Paper IBC is widely used for the following products:

1. Food: wine, concentrated juice, dairy products, beverages, sorbitol, syrup, soy sauce

2. Industrial: lubricants, lubricant additives, glycerin, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, transformer oil, high-fat fatty acids

3. Non-hazardous liquid chemicals: liquid fertilizers, plasticizers, resins, additives, synthetic latex, liquid colorants, inks

Normal size or capacity for Paper IBC is 750L, 930L and 1000L, which contains 750 kg to 1200kg per carton. For customers with specialized requirements, we can offer customized technical Paper IBC.






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