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Collapsible Paper IBCs vs Rigid IBCs: Competitive Advantages

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Collapsible Paper Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a new type of IBC assembled from high-strength paperboard and a flexible inner liner for non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation and storage. Unlike traditional rigid IBCs, collapsible paper IBCs offer significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, storage efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Rigid IBCs have higher material costs and occupy large storage spaces. Collapsible IBCs can be folded into a compact form, occupying a small volume. This characteristic feature massively reduces the empty return transportation cost, making them highly economical. Additionally, when compared with rigid IBCs, collapsible IBCs can save 2-3 rounds of transportation during the process of empty package reclamation, further optimizing cost efficiency.


Traditional rigid IBCs offer superior resistance to deformation and impact, but they come with the drawback of increased weight and complexity in assembly. In comparison to wooden containers of the same volume, paper-based IBCs can reduce the weight by 1/3 to 1/4, so it can lead to a decreased transportation cost. Moreover, collapsible paper-based IBCs are easy to assemble, requiring no specialized techniques, significantly reducing packaging time and saving labor costs.

In consideration of environmental protection, rigid IBCs incur high recycling costs and are difficult to recycle. In contrast, collapsible paper IBC is a one-way disposable smart packaging, so there is no return or clean cost after liquid discharge at destination. By reducing transportation the collapsible IBCs help to reduce carbon emission directly.

LAF offer both Square Paper IBC and Octagonal Collapsible Paper IBC for clients. A single collapsible paper IBC can carry up to 1000 liters of liquid. It is meticulously designed, comprising a strong box, a cassette including a PE liner, a top lid, and a pallet. The box is constructed with multiple layers of robust and durable corrugation and carton without any seams. This sturdy build provides the box with exceptional strength, ensuring the safe transport of liquid commodities.

Paper IBC22

Collapsible paper IBCs play a significant role in promoting eco-friendly practices and sustainable development, gradually emerge as the superior choice in the realm of liquid logistics.

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