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How to Get NDG Chemical Transport Greener?

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The 7th China Chemical Packaging and Logistics Forum 2020 - Chemical Packaging Exhibition and Conference was successfully held in the city of Suzhou, China during 19th -20th Nov., 2020.

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China published new version The National Hazardous Waste Inventory in Sep., 2020, in which, used iron drum and plastic IBC drum or similar container, that has contaminated by hazardous waste e.g. paint, engine oil, certain chemicals etc., all were classified into hazardous waste. Chemical companies are put in a situation with high expense for used drums, used plastic IBC washing and disposal. How to get chemical transport greener, how to get chemical packaging sustainable were top topics at the forum.

LAF offer complete non-hazardous chemical transport packaging solution, from compatibility analysis, packaging product design, container inspection and installation, used package recycle and disposal. Packages we offer, like Flexitank, Dry Bulk Liner, and Collapsible IBC, though as designed as single-trip disposal product, but all are made from recyclable plastic, steel and carton materials.

At destination, after cargo discharge, Flexitank, Dry Bulk Liner, or IBC Liners can be dismantled out of container or truck; carton, steel bars, PP woven and/or PE film not in direct contact with chemicals could be recycled for further use; the PP woven or PE film in direct contact with chemicals usually is light-weighted, generally not exceeding 30 Kg including the chemical residual, can be disposed legally by authorized waste processing institutions.


To makes non-hazardous chemical transport greener, LAF is actively building a network of used Fleixitank/ Dry Bulk Liner/ IBC Liners disposal within China. LAF is working closely with our clients, and seeking wide cooperation with legally authorized waste processing institutions or companies, our operator team is trying to help more and more clients to dispose used flexible packages legally and efficiently. So far, the network now can handle recycle and disposal request in Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Shanghai, Chongqing and Jilin Province.


At the same time, we are making every efforts to extend our recycle and disposal service network overseas. Clients can seek help for used Flexitank/ Dry Bulk Liner/ IBC Liners disposal service through our global agency network.

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