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Container Liner Bags: Transfer Traditional Containers into Fluid Containers

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Container liners 

are undoubtedly one of the most economical solutions for fluid bulk cargo. The transportation distance of bulk cargo is usually very long and needs to be transported from one continent to another, so it makes full use of the advantages of containers. The liner will be installed close to the inner wall of the container, it makes full use of the space of the container, which is equivalent to forming another nested “container” in the container.  

LAF dry bulik liner 2

It can be used very easily and flexibly in containers ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet. The dry bulk liners can be customized according to the requirements of the end user, as well as according to the loading & unloading equipment. The adapted liner bag can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading. Before designing the container liner, we generally will understand your loading and unloading method to meet your actual needs.

What are the benefits of container liner bags?

● Major advantage of using container liners is that they are very easy to install and require up to 1 or 2 people to complete the installation process without investing too much time or effort.

● In addition, it only takes about 1 hour to fill the goods at place of departure or unload the goods at the destination.  

● Compared with the traditional bags, it completely realizes the door-to-door transportation method: eliminating the links of traditional labor filling, moving to the warehouse, packing into the container, and unloading the container to the storage warehouse, thereby it improved efficiency and saved logistics costs.


● In addition to the reduction of logistics links, it can secure the integrity of the goods and reduce cargo losses.

● Besides, because of its excellent sealing and easy disassembly function, compared with bare loading in containers, the cargo residue will be much reduced after unloading from liner bag.

● As a package, it can protect the goods inside. Some dry bulk food commodities have strict sanitary conditions. In this case, the dry bulk container liner bag is used firstly because the liner bag itself can be a food-grade hygiene standard, the second is that it can effectively avoid the invasion of external environmental pollutants during transportation. In addition, it can play a role in moisture-proof.

● For some goods that are easy to pollute containers, such as carbon black, the use of dry bulk container liners can prevent pollution of the container walls and cross-contamination with previously loaded goods, thereby reducing cleaning costs and improving the turnover rate of containers.






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