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Polyester Pellet Transport with Dry Bulk Liner

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Recently Nongfu Spring successfully completed the trial shipment of containerized polyester pellets. 50 tons of polyester pellets are loaded into a 20 foot container with dry bulk liner through automated pneumatic loading equipment, from its origin to Hangzhou by sea-rail combined transportation. Dry bulk liners provided by LAF Technology guarantee the dryness and cleanliness of the polyester particles throughout the entire process.

After the goods arriving at Hangzhou factory, the polyester particles were automatically unloaded into the silo through automatic equipment, and then were directly delivered to the bottle blowing equipment through the pipeline, eliminating the manual feeding and saving labor costs.


Before this trial shipment, polyester pellets delivered to Nongfu Spring were mainly packed with Jumbo Bags. In the entire logistics process, high packaging cost, labor cost, and storage cost has severely affected the efficiency and profitability of the factory.


In early 2017, LAF introduced the containerized transportation plan of polyester pellets to Nongfu Spring and their suppliers, also assisted Nongfu Spring with the loading and unloading equipment solution, changed the packaging material from Jumbo Bags into Dry Bulk Liner, and adjusted their silo and production pipeline accordingly.



In 2020 Nongfu Spring completed the adjustment of their silos and equipment in their bottle blowing factories in Hangzhou, making a good preparations for containerized transportation of polyester pellets with Dry Bulk Liner. Recently it successfully completed the first containerized transport trial of polyester pellets. According to rough calculation, compared with transport with Jumbo Bags, the Containerized Transportation with Dry Bulk Liner could save RMB 42/ton in packaging cost.

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China's bottled water industry is developing rapidly, with the market size exceeding RMB 200 Billion in 2019. Calculated at an average of RMB 2 per bottle, the annual consumption is around 100 billion bottles. According to statistics from relevant agencies, one ton of polyester can produce about 33,000 550ml plastic bottles, so the annual demand for polyester in the entire bottled water industry exceeds 3 million tons. If half of the polyester pellets are packaged and transported with Dry Bulk Liner, it will save about RMB 63 million each year.

Polyester pellets are usually packaged in 25 kg nylon woven bags or Jumbo Bags. The logistics from the polyester pellets production plant to bottle blowing plant requires multiple manpower lift on and life off, which results in slow logistics efficiency and high labor costs.

After the polyester particles arriving at the bottle blowing factory, a lot of labor is needed to unpack the polyester particles one by one so as to feed the polyester particles into the production equipment, and that greatly increases the production cost and reduces the production efficiency.


In multimodal transportation, when goods are transferred between different vehicles, the goods packed in small bags or Jumbo Bags need to be transferred from the original vehicle to another vehicle through traditional manual handling, which is very inefficient. And the labor costs high.

Dry bulk liner is a new type of packaging method that is placed in a 20-foot or 40-foot container and can be used for large tonnage shipments of granular and powdered goods. LAF Technology combines dry bulk liner and containerized transportation to achieve dry bulk containerized transportation, subvert the traditional powder and granular cargo logistics supply chain, and improve the overall efficiency of dry bulk cargo flow and supply chain operation.

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LAF is committed to replacing various "bulk and groceries" transportation modes with a "containerized" transportation mode, replacing manual handling with mechanized loading and unloading, and is committed to improving enterprise logistics efficiency and reducing comprehensive logistics costs. Hope to carry out extensive cooperation with all walks of life to promote the improvement and development of the logistics efficiency of bulk fluid cargo (non-hazardous liquid food, chemicals, grain, powder, granules, etc.).


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