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Every Flexitank, Every Careness

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The Best Quality Flexitank And Service

At 5:00am in Hamriyah Free Zone in UAE early morning, two field engineers from CAG-LAF team, Mr. Santosh Shah and Mr.Nwaka Kalu, get well prepared to stuff the flexitanks into 20ft standard heavy duty ISO containers. As they believe passionately in hardwork and commitment their day starts with surveying containers, installation and stuffing of Flexitanks. Heavily emphasis in customer service and keeping record of every container with serial number of each Flexitanks. To deliver the best quality flexitank and service to customers is their slogan, and this is also the principle of all LAF service network around the world.

"You can always trust LAF flexitanks", Mr.Saeed from CAG says.


The LAF Flexitank service team's advantages

For flexitank, quality is the life, and apart from that, professional treatment about container inspection and flexitank installation is very important. Because most of the cases happens due to the negligence during container inspection and installation. LAF attach high concern to the service team.  

With experienced team, customer could be saved from many headaches for communication with shipping lines about container shortage. That is one of the added value which LAF provides to customers.

LAF flexitank field engineers would strictly select containers and provide professional fitting services to reduce operational risks. Operation team would choose container fleets and shipping companies with the experience in bulk fluid cargo transportation to ensure the safety of cargo transportation. When the goods arrive at the destination, local unloading support services is available if required.      

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Better Network Better Service

With pandemic situation going on, the container shortage situation happens everywhere. To ensure the customer to use the qualified containers for flexitank/flexibag shipments become more demanding.

With regular training and experience sharing, LAF enable their service network could get the most updated information about flexitank/flexibag.

In order to serve customer better, LAF has built a service network covering more than 100 countries and more than 300 major ports or cities in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East and other regions.


The 24-hour global response can provide users with services such as emergency cargo rescue, technical support for loading, discharging, and disposal of used flexitanks and liners.

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Apart from professional team, every LAF flexitank/flexibag is been insured with 5 million dollar by known insurance company with worldwide service.

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