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Flexitank for Food Liquids Shipment

Flexitanks provide a more cost-effective and reliable alternative for food liquids multimodal transport via sea, rail and land. Shipments with Flexitanks are smaller and not tied to a particular break bulk vessel, bulk liquid cargoes arriving on time, that all helps clients to lessen their final risks in the commodity trading.


Flexitanks provide a more cost-effective and reliable alternative for 

food liquids multimodal transport via sea, rail and land. 

Shipments with Flexitanks are smaller and not tied to a particular break bulk vessel, 

bulk liquid cargoes arriving on time, that all helps clients to lessen their final risks in the commodity trading.



Food Grade Flexitank, Safe and Healthy

Flexitank as a plastic packaging coming into direct contact with food we put top priority to integrity and food safety in the 

production of  Flexitanks liquids, in our factory. We use 100% virgin new PE film, 

and make sure all materials are 100% sterilized for production. 


Increase Payloads with LAF Flexitanks

Flexitanks offer 15% MORE per payload than IBCs and 40% MORE payload than drums.

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Food suppliers can attract customers buying smaller quantities with LAF Flexitanks

For big buyers of edible oils, Break Bulk Vessel still is the most cost-effective way to do shipment of edible oils over 20,000 tons

But its sailing schedule is not regular, shipment are issued or arrived with delays, which is a big threat for buyer’s supply chain. 

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Simplify Bulk Liquid Logistics Supply Chain

Flexitank is the smartest solution for containerized transport of bulk liquid foods, especially for multimodal transport. 

Liquid commodity can be pumped into Flexitank directly from storage tank, reducing labor operation in palletizing, container stuffing at the origin; 

when container arrives at destination, liquid could be discharged out of Flexitank automatically 

with pump without further labor unloading and  warehousing management.  


In this way, Flexitank simplifies your bulk liquid logistics supply chain by eliminating manual handling operations, 

increasing comprehensive efficiency of the supply chain, and reducing overall logistics cost.


Reducing Bulk Liquid Logistics Cost with LAF Flexitanks

Due to the factors mentioned above, Flexitanks can additionally increase the overall efficiency  of your essential operations, 

and reducing comprehensive logistics cost, allowing you to expand your business with obvious pricing advantage.