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Advantages of Flexitank for Sunflower Oil Shipment

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According to public data, sunflower oil ranks fourth in global vegetable oil consumption, behind palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil.

According to Brake data, in 2021, the production of sunflower oil in Russia and Ukraine accounts for 60% of the total global sunflower oil production, and the export volume accounts for about 80% of the global sunflower oil export volume. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China, China's sunflower oil imports in 2021 was 1.266 million tons. Most of these 1.266 million tons of sunflower oil were packed and delivered with flexitanks, imported from Ukraine, Russia and other places via sea or railway, and then were further processed and distributed to consuming market by Chinese oil companies.


For big buyers of Sunflower oils, Bulk Vessel still is the most cost-effective way to do shipment of edible oils over 20,000 tons. But its sailing schedule is not regular, shipment are issued or arrived with delays, which is a big threat for buyer's supply chain.

Advantages of Flexitank for Sunflower Oil Shipment

Flexitank is the smartest solution for containerized transport of bulk liquid foods, especially for multimodal transport. Liquid commodity can be pumped into Flexitank directly from storage tank, reducing labor operation in palletizing, container stuffing at the origin; when container arrives at destination, liquid could be discharged out of Flexitank automatically with pump without further labor unloading and warehousing management.


In this way, Flexitank simplifies your bulk liquid logistics supply chain by eliminating manual handling operations, increasing comprehensive efficiency of the supply chain, and reducing overall logistics cost.

Due to the factors mentioned above, Flexitanks can additionally increase the overall efficiency of your essential operations, and reducing comprehensive logistics cost, allowing you to expand your business with obvious pricing advantage.






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