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1Flexitank =32,400 Bottles

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1Flexitank =32,400 Bottles

In 2021, Chile became the biggest wine producer in South America, with an estimated production of 1.34 billion liters, the highest production in last 20 years and 30% increase compared to 2020.

Wine Export Challenges of 2022

Due to the impact of the epidemic, sea freight continue to rise, and there is a serious shortage of container, making wine exports facing great challenges. In addition, because the production of vaccines consumes too much glass material, Chile's current wine bottle raw materials are also in a state of emergency. By end of November 2021, the injection of vaccine has reached nearly 8 billion doses globally; at the same time the glass raw material consumed is about more than 80,000 tons. A large amount of glass raw material was primarily used in the vaccine production, which led to insufficient supply to the bottle production. Some high-class wine bottles run out of stock in the market, making a big price rise in bottles and overall cost of wine.

Advantages of Flexitanks

Flexitank provides a super competitive solution for bulk wine shippers. 1x20’GP FCL can carry 12,000 bottled wine, which is 9000L wine; however, 1Flexitank fitted with a 20’ft container can load max. 24,000L bulk wine. Originally 24,000L bottled wine needs to be shipped out with 3X20’FCL, now only needs 1x20’FCL with Flexitank. Shipping bulk wine in Flexitank temporarily solves the bottle shortage problem, at the same time, helping bulk wine shippers maintain wine price competitiveness by cutting down logistics cost significantly.

Every year, more than 15,000 LAF Flexitanks are used in bulk wine shipping, carrying more or less 36,000,0000L wine from its origin to different consuming markers around the globe.

LAF flexitank for wine

Advantages of LAF Wine Flexitanks

LAF Wine Flexitanks are equipped with superior Oxygen-Resistant Barrier, either EVOH or Aluminum Barrier to protect the quality and value of your bulk wines in storage or transport. The sophisticated container lining solution with HDPE Liner and Strong PP Backing Board, can guarantee the clean and safe environmental for bulk wine during transit. A specially designed valve construction ensures a clean wine discharge at destination, with negligible wine residue left inside Flexitank, to save each penny for wine buyers.

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