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Does Your Flexitank Supplier Provide Worldwide Service Support?

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If you haven’t used flexitank before, you may think that’s simply just a big bladder or a plastic bag used in 20ft container. But once you gained sufficient experience with flexitank operation, you will absolutely treat it as a comprehensive solution for bulk liquid transport, which must be covered with technical support and service at both the origin and destination of the shipment.  


To enhance the safety and effectiveness of transportation with flexitank, a reliable flexitank supplier would be the key for success, the one who not only has profound expertise in flexitank product, but also who can back you up with a global network for technical support.

Why would you insist on making such a choice to find a global supplier?

The reason is that if you have used flexitank for a certain time, whether at the port of departure or the port of destination, you must know the current container conditions, port operations, and road conditions in many ports around the world.

These objective factors will make you hope to find a local partner who can skillfully select good containers and provide professional fitting services. Because of this pre-arrangement, various subsequent troubles and transportation risks can be avoided.


Of course, for those customers who are committed to expanding overseas markets, it is far from enough to be limited to local high-quality services at port of loading. The discharging, disposal and recycling services in overseas regions will create new business opportunities and value for both food-grade oil customers and non-hazardous liquid commodity customers.

Why LAF?

LAF has built a worldwide service network covering more than 100 countries and more than 300 major ports or cities in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East and other regions.


Customers are ensured with local support for any flexitank-related services, from installation, leaking container rescue, leaking flexitank inspection, used flexitank disposal, material (pp, pe, steel, carton) recycle.

We’re continuing to fill the blank regions in remote areas, so as to offer better service to customers globally.






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