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How Much Do You Know About Container Liner for PTA?

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Container liner for PTA is the container liner specially designed for bulk PTA powder shipment within 20ft containers, with automatic machines, the bulk loading/unloading handling is quick and convenient.

What are the advantages of using container liner for PTA shipment?

Why more and more shippers using container liner for PTA delivery?

How container liner for PTA helps to save cost and human labor?

What are the advantages of using container liner for PTA shipment?

1.Safe for dry bulk commodity shipment. Container liner eliminates labor in dry bulk loading and unloading process with traditional packages, e.g. jumbo bags, or smaller woven sack bags. Moreover, it can protect PTA powder free from quality damage causing by moisture, dust and foreign contamination during transit.

2. Reduce packaging cost. Compared with jumbo bags, or woven sack bags even smaller, using container liner for PTA transport, shipper can save expense in packaging material cost.


3. Simplify logistics chains, increase efficiency of dry bulk handling, and minimize logistics cost. To deliver bulk PTA, container liner is installed inside 20ft container, from origin to destination, each single 20ft container is a unit box, with machines, it could be automatically loaded, unloaded, transferred among different vehicles e.g. from truck to rail, from rail to truck, or from truck to vessel.

Why more and more shippers using container liner for PTA transport?

1. Quick and easy loading/ unloading operation. With automatic bulk handling machines, a 20ft container can be filled with more or less 20MT within 40mins with negligible labor operation.


2. Transit time is shortened. Each single 20ft container installed with container liner, is a single unit box, with machines, it can be quickly transferred among trucks, rail, vessel, ferry boat. Time that dry bulk commodities sitting in port, rail terminals waiting for transfer are maximally shortened. That makes the whole transit term become neat and short.

3. Significantly reduce cost. By eliminating labor operation with automatic machines, changing jumbo bags or woven sack bags into container liners, labor cost, packaging cost, and logistics cost all has been proven dropped remarkably.  


4. Accurate and convenient warehousing management. Container liner delivers bulk PTA powder from silo of manufacturer to silo of user, measurement data while PTA powder flowing in and out of the silo, is monitored and kept down by electronic measuring devices simultaneously, which makes warehousing convenient with more timely and accurate information.

How container liner for PTA helps to save cost and human labor?

1. The bulk handling machine usually can transfer more or less 20MT PTA powder into a single 20ft container. With help of machines, just a few stevedores could handle thousands tons PTA powder loading, unloading, transferring among different vehicles. As a result, huge labor expense could be saved, at the same time, productivity is highly increased.


2. PTA powder loaded within 20ft container, is less affected by climate, and container sitting time in rail depot, ocean port is greatly shortened, the total transit time from origin to destination is maximally minimized. Logistics efficiency is highly improved, with less freight expense and more profit to shippers.

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