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Reduce Bulk Liquid Shipment Freight with LAF Flexitanks

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Flexitank is a new type of packaging container which has more advantages over traditional packaging methods.

Flexitank can be placed in a 20ft standard container with a volume up to 25,000 liters of liquid. The Russia-Ukraine conflict results in an oil price increase over the world. To reduce ocean freight cost, more and more customers are choosing LAF Flexitank to transport bulk non-hazardous liquid.


What are the advantages of using LAF Flexitank?

How to reduce logistics cost with LAF Flexitank?

What kind of service you will get when you choose LAF Flexitank to transport bulk liquid?

What are the advantages of using LAF Flexitank?

1. Reduce logistics cost. A Flexitank can load up to 25,000 liters of liquid, which makes good use of container space, that helps to reduce unit logistics cost per ton remarkably.


2. Food grade, hygiene for food liquid transport. Inner layers of flexitank are made of food-grade low-density polyethylene, which ensures food-grade cargo would not be contaminated. 

3. And LAF Flexitank is a single-trip bag that does not need cleaning, which matches well with food packaging requirements.

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4. Easy to operate, and save labor cost. It only takes more or less 45 minutes to load or unload a LAF flexitank with 2 operators.

5. Used widely. LAF Flexitank meets the transportation requirements and can be used on railway, sea and road.

6. Eco-friendly. The LAF Flexitank is made of degradable material, which is recyclable, environmentally friendly.

How to reduce transportation cost with LAF Flexitank?

Using LAF Flexitank is a cost-effective solution to transport bulk non-hazardous liquid and makes the transportation more easily and efficiently.

A LAF Flexitank can convert a standard dry container into a single-trip bulk liquid transport container, making it easy and affordable for delivery of non-hazardous liquid cargo.

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What kind of service will you get when you choose LAF Flexitank to transport liquid?

● high-quality installation service, considerate after-sales service

● global service network and 24h emergency rescue for any leakage issue

● global technical support via our branch office or our professional local distributors.


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