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How to Get IBC Tote Reusable?

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IBC tote have the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygiene. They are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint, grease and other industries. It is one of the necessary tools for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. The container is composed of an inner container and a metal frame, and the inner container is blow-molded with high-molecular-weight and high-density polyethylene. But it needs to be cleaned after using, some problems can be a bit of a headache for some users.

1) Expensive to clean

2) Waste water resources and cleaning wastewater will pollute the environment


To solve the problem, a form-fitting LAF brand IBC tote liner came into being. Our solution is simple and ingenious. Only need to install the liner into the tote before filling and remove the liner after unloading; the IBC Tote can be reused as a new one. This kind liner not only solves the problem of recycling and reusing of totes, but also avoids environment pollution caused by waste liquid. It is perfect for transportation of non-hazardous liquids such as chemicals, paints, oils and food in IBC Tote.


Features of IBC Tote Liner:

● Saving money of cleaning totes and the cost of transporting totes to and from cleaning place.

● Assures the internal tote surface is uncontaminated by previous cargo, and a clean tote after every time usage.

● Friendly to environment, no pollution.


The structure and using method of IBC Tote liner:

LAF IBC tote liner is a single-layer cubic PE film structure formed by a heat-sealing process. It has a filling spout, a sealing spout and a vacuuming spout. The liner can closely attached with the container wall by the way of suction.

For specific installation and use methods, please click the video to view.

Applications for IBC Tote Liners:

Mainly used for Non-hazardous Chemicals - Surfactant, synthetic latex, floor glue, water-based paint, plasticizer, synthetic resin, detergent, disinfectant, polyol, natural rubber, polyether, etc.






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