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What is the Advantage of Using Flexitank for Edible Oil Shipment?

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Using Flexitank to transport edible oil is cost-effective, so it is popular with customers.

The advantage for shipping edible oil with flexitank is that it can realize "door-to-door" transportation without pollution only with one-way freight required.

What is the advantage of flexitank comparing with ISO Tank for edible oil shipment?

What is the advantage of flexitank comparing with iron drum?

What is the advantage of flexitank comparing with Rigid IBC?

What is the Advantage of Using Flexitank Comparing with ISO Tank for Edible Oil Shipment?

The maximum volume of a flexitank is 24,000 liters, which is more or less than same with ISO Tanks, but its shipping cost is much lower than that with ISO Tanks. And there are many restrictions on using ISO Tanks, which often cause delay for delivery. In addition, high local transportation cost, loading and unloading fees adds up to the logistics expenses for users. Flexitank is available as per your request in time, and its operation of installation, loading and unloading is much easier.

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What is the Advantage of Using Flexitank Comparing with Iron Drum?

Each 20ft container can carry 80 units 200liter iron drums. Cost of a flexitank for edible oil is much lower than that of 80 iron drums. Considering that each 20ft container can only load 16,000L maximum with iron drums, but using flexitank can load edible oil up to 24,000L. In other words, the edible oil that used to be shipped in 4 containers with iron drums now can be shipped by 3 containers with flexitank, that means a saving of freight and packaging cost for 1x20’GP FCL.  


In addition, the flexitank operation is simple, only two people can easily complete the loading or unloading within 1 hour, completely eliminating the complicated operation procedures and the expenses of manpower, materials and many other aspects.

What is the Advantage of Flexitank Comparing with and Rigid IBC?

The purchase price of rigid plastic IBC is high, and each rigid IBC can hold up to 1.2 tons. At present, the price of each flexitank is much lower than the total cost of 18 rigid IBCs. To use flexitank replace plastic IBCs can significantly reduce the packaging purchase cost.


Each 20ft container can load 21,600L liquid maximum with rigid IBCs, while using flexitank one 20ft container can load up to 24,000L, it can bring down the freight cost per ton remarkably.

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The operation of rigid IBC requires equipment such as forklifts, and lots manpower during the loading and unloading process. The loading and unloading of a flexitank do not require any mechanical equipment, and it only takes two people to complete the operation in one hour.

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