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Do you know what the regular used package for bitumen is?

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Do you know what the regular used package for bitumen is?

As we know, bitumen is a highly viscous liquid and the loading temperature is usually very high, so its packaging is very important. Do you know what the regular used package for bitumen is? The bitumen packaging can usually classifies to three different types such as steel drum, jumbo bag and bulk. Let us share with you the different characteristics of different packages.

Way 1 : Steel Drums

Steel Drums are widely used as the main packing method for liquid bitumen as they are strong and safe for storage and transport, however drums take large space and clients at destination have to heat up the drums to discharge. Moreover for clients in countries running strict environmental protection policy, empty drums disposal is a huge expense. By the way, usually 16.5-20MT in each 20ft container.


Way 2 : Jumbo Bags

Jumbo Bags can be a cost efficient alternative solution for liquid bitumen transport. Each 20 feet container can hold 20 jumbo bags which means 20 MT bitumen could be loaded within a 2ft container. But there is one problem with jumbo bag: because jumbo bag is a flexible packaging after fully loaded with liquid bitumen, it have to be laden on the ground to cool down the bitumen inside, or to put the jumbo into frame cage to constrain the bitumen, this will lead to additional cost of customer.

Way 3 : HTR Flexitank

Actually we suggest third packaging way: HTR Flexitank.


HTR Flexitank is a flexitank with a new heat resistant material technology, it is specially designed for bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature e.g. Liquid bitumen or non-hazardous chemicals with similar features. Its inner bag could be melted into bitumen, no damage to bitumen quality, and is environment friendly and convenient for operation, no need any clean cost either.

Compared with general-purpose flexitank, LAF HTR flexitank could withstand max.120 filling temperature safe and durable for liquid bitumen or similar products transport.


Container is totally clean after bitumen is fully discharged. This is great for shippers /consignees to avoid expensive cleaning bills from shipping lines.






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