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Flexitank: A Cost-effective Package for UCO Transport

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Flexitank is a new type of flexible packaging container, which can store and transport all kinds of non-dangerous liquid goods, like UCO. The capacity of the flexitank ranges from 14 to 24 cubic meters, and the flexitank is designed to be fitted into 20ft container. It is an ideal packaging method in ocean transportation of non-hazardous liquids.

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Why flexitank is a cost-effective package for UCO transport?

● The flexitank is designed for single use and can be disposed after use. Compared to other reusable packages, users do not need to worry about the cleaning, returning, or storage of the package. In addition, there is no concern of the cleanliness of the flexitank, as well as contamination from previous shipment inside the container.

● Furthermore, in marine transportation of UCO, with one 20’STD container, flexitank can load 10% more product compared with ISO tank, and 40% more product compared with 200L drums. With the same ocean freight for one 20’STD container, flexitank can help to save ocean freight significantly.


What are the advantages of flexitank for UCO Shipment?

● Compared with ISO tank, Flexitank can transport 10% more UCO per 20ft container, that helps to save ocean freight. And flexitank is free from return and cleaning cost.


● Flexitank can transport 24,000 liters of UCO while drums can only hold 16,000 liters in one 20ft container.

● Food grade 3“ball valve, is specially designed with safety interlock and flange, making discharge residue less than 10kg per container.

● Easy to operate – a Flexitank can be loaded or unloaded with two people in 45mins more or less. That saves lot labor cost for shipper and consignee.


● Flexitank is applicable for a wide range of food liquids, industrial oils, and non-hazardous liquid chemicals.

What are the characteristics of Flexitank for UCO Shipment?

Flexitank is composed with multi- layers polymer. The polymer is carefully designed for their strong technical characteristics and excellent molecular integrity. The technical design provides our flexitanks with great strength, flexibility, and durability.

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Since 2007, LAF has been devoted to promoting containerized transportation of bulk liquids with flexitanks, helping clients to reduce their bulk liquid logistics cost with reliable flexitank product.

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