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Get Bulk Fluids Logistics Greener?

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The logistics industry, which consumes massive amounts of packaging materials every day, huge amount of wasted carton boxes, drums, barrels, ibcs, plastics and papers etc., has been a social focus. Now it calls for changes in the logistics industry affects carbon emission a lot. 

How to get the logistics greener?

LAF as known as expert in bulk packaging for bulk free-flowing commodities, offer smarter packaging solution to help logistics become greener.


LAF is dedicated to develop and supply smart packaging products for non-hazardous liquids and free-flowing powder, granules, pellets containerized transport. Continuous efforts have been made to research and develop more cost-effective, more convenient and greener packaging products for bulk fluids transport.

Flexitank, as an example, so far is the most economic packaging solution for bulk liquid shipment in various industries. Dry Bulk Liner, also has been seen as a very effective way to cut down the huge labor expense in dry bulk commodities deliveries.

These innovative bulk packaging products are all made of 100% recyclable materials, compared to solid barrels, drums, ibcs, Flexitanks or Dry Bulk Liners can significantly reduce carbon emission, solid waste.



According to data reported by China Steel Drum Packaging Network, China produces 120 million new steel drums each year, and the number of reused steel drums is only 21.6 million, and the recycling rate is only 18%. The use of steel drums is extremely wasteful and generates a lot of solid waste. In the past ten years, 1.83 tons of carbon dioxide were emitted for every ton of steel produced. This means that it takes 2.28 million tons of steel plates to produce 120 million steel drums, which will generate 4.172 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Empty steel or plastic drums bring high transportation cost with high carbon emission. It needs about 40-50 kg water to wash and clean one 1,000L used steel or plastic container. A company that consumes 10,000 tons liquids needs 400,000 to 500,000 kg of water to clean used containers, and the annual sewage treatment costs are as high as 1.6 million yuan.




Moreover, plastic or steel drums still need a large number of pallets for their storage and transport, of which about 90% are wooden pallets. According to industry statistics, a mature tree can only produce 6 standard pallets. China's wooden pallet market holds approximately 1.305 billion pieces, which is equivalent to 217.5 million mature trees. Calculating that a tree absorbs 465 kg of carbon dioxide per year on average, all wooden pallets in China can be converted into 217.5 million mature trees, which can absorb 100 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

In contrast, Flexitanks do not require pallets, empty returns, and cleaning. Except for the innermost layer in direct contact with liquid, its steel bars, bulkhead, lining paper, etc., can all be recycled for further use. According to a comprehensive estimate, if 120 million steel drums are replaced with Flexitanks, China will reduce at least 104 million tons of carbon emissions each year.

With the blessing of multiple advantages, Flexitanks have gradually become widely used in non-hazardous liquid transport, especially in transport of bulk liquid chemical, food, animal feed, agricultural products and similar products. Flexitanks integrating storage and packaging functions, have become a very smart choice in international logistics.  LAF Flexianks have been by Coca- Cola syrup suppliers, Cofco, Sinopec ect. to do their bulk liquid transport.


LAF team would always be dedicated to improve the efficiency and reduce the bulk fluid logistics cost via innovation in packaging technology, and would make every efforts to help bulk fluid logistics smarter and greener.

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